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Janet was a teacher of mathematics for 10 years & enjoys puzzle solving & the challenge of sorting out accounts which have got out of control.

Along with golf, breaking misconceptions of what an accountant can do for you is one of our favourite pastimes



Bruce enjoys golf, watching Sunderland AFC at Wembley (occasionally) and walking other people’s dogs (an extra service we provide our clients!)

Away from work Janet enjoys golf, walking in the beautiful British countryside, knitting and spending time with her family

Before Bruce became an Accountant his only jobs were as a paperboy & pumping petrol!

When not crunching numbers, Martin enjoys keeping fit at the gym, and is a more than competent golfer and badminton player. Much to Bruce’s disappointment he follows Newcastle United – and occasionally even enjoys it

With timely Management Information we can help you understand where you are in terms of profit, WHY you are there, and where you are heading

We can help you prepare a Business Plan – to pull together all those random thoughts – AND make sure it all hangs together

We can take care of all that boring admin required by 3rd parties including insurance cover to make sure it’s appropriate to today’s needs

Help with auto-enrolment. It is estimated [by Sage] that the forthcoming auto-enrolment pensions will take 7½ minutes per person to administer every month, and by 2017 it will be compulsory for EVERYONE.

Make sure you invoice and get paid for what you sell, and pay all your suppliers when due/when you can afford it – AND only ONCE

At various times Bruce has been accused of being “an Accountant with a sense of humour” and “useful.”

What really gives us a buzz is saving money for our clients (and of course ourselves, so Janet can do more shopping!!)